World Ocean Day Malta 3

Together for the protection of the ocean: PLAYMOBIL joins forces together with Müller and MBRC the ocean to support World Ocean Day

Zirndorf, June 2024 - The world's oceans offer us a very special opportunity to take responsibility for the environment and make a difference with measures such as emissions reduction or waste avoidance to protect biodiversity and water quality. That is why World Ocean Day on June 8 draws attention to this important topic. To mark the occasion, the toy manufacturer PLAYMOBIL is joining forces with Müller and “MBRC the ocean” to keep the world's oceans clean. That is why the trio launched a cleaning hub on the island of Malta on June 04, 2024. The location was not a random choice.

Together for Malta

"For almost 50 years, PLAYMOBIL has been producing different play worlds and figures on the Mediterranean island of Malta,” says Matthias Fauser, responsible for production and logistics at the Horst Brandstätter Group, which manufactures PLAYMOBIL. "In the company's largest production plant several million toys are produced every year. With around 1000 employees, the plant is one of the largest local employer. That's why we are committed to a clean environment,” Fauser continues.

PLAYMOBIL found the right partner in Müller's long-standing partner “MBRC the ocean”. The MBRC the ocean Foundation is an international organization dedicated to protecting the oceans and coasts from plastic waste. It has been actively involved in the removal of plastic waste from marine ecosystems for more than four years and is committed to innovative solutions to prevent plastic pollution. Together with local communities, a sustainable waste management system is being implemented to clean and reuse the collected plastic. Since the end of May, MBRC the ocean has also been an official partner of the UN DESA DSDG.

On Waste Prevention Day, PLAYMOBIL and Müller launched their joint awareness campaign on waste avoidance with a specially created playful educational awareness spot and joint campaigns.

Long-standing partnership between Müller and MBRC the ocean

Müller has been working with MBRC the ocean for several years as part of various campaigns and is delighted to be working with PLAYMOBIL on the campaign in Malta. "Müller has been supporting the organization MBRC the ocean for a long time, as we see a particular strength in the consistent concept. We clean beaches and stretches of coastline together, support the local population, create awareness of sustainability/environmental issues and organize the recycling and processing of the collected plastic waste. This is complemented by joint products made from the collected plastics,” says Sascha Zahner, Head of Purchasing Toys, Stationery, Processes and Sustainability.

Matthias Fauser adds: “As a manufacturer of children's toys, PLAYMOBIL has a very special responsibility. We not only want to offer children lots of fun, but also do everything possible to produce our products sustainably, for example by using plant-based or recycled plastics. With the joint Cleanup with our retail partner Müller on Malta's beaches, the employees at our production site in Malta are showing that environmental protection is very important to us and that we are happy to personally lend a hand".

Over 30,000 kg of garbage has already been collected in joint campaigns by Müller and MBRC the ocean from various beaches around the world, including at the Cleaning Hub in Müller sales country Croatia. In addition, around Ocean Day a very special campaign at Müller: “For every toy purchased in the period from 20.05.24 to 30.06.24, Müller and MBRC the ocean will collect a plastic bottle from the beaches". This will equate to an additional collection of over 6 million plastic bottles.

Successful campaign in St. Paul's Bay on Malta

Inhabited for 4,000 years, the historic small town of St. Paul's Bay on Malta has its name because St. Paul is said to have been shipwrecked in this historic fishing village. In addition to the beautiful blue lagoon, one of the few Maltese nature reserves "Xemxija" can be found here, as well as the "Malta National Aquarium". St. Paul's Bay thus exemplifies the beautiful nature on Malta that is worth protecting and symbolizes the additional educational mission that MBRC the ocean and Müller have set themselves as a goal.

The result of the collaboration at the first clean-up on Malta at Qawra Point Beach in St. Paul's Bay is something to be proud of: A total of over 143 kilograms of waste was collected by 32 helpers who took part in the campaign. Among them a large part volunteers from Playmobil and Müller. Matthias Fauser and Sascha Zahner were also actively involved. The waste was returned directly to Malta for recycling and is then used, for example, for joint products from MBRC the ocean and Müller.