Playmobil x Mc D Wiltopia

First Playmobil toy made from sugar cane

Zirndorf, April 2024: Playmobil and McDonald's are taking a joint step in the use of sustainable play material. From May, Playmobil animal figures made from at least 95 percent sugar cane-based plastic will be included in the Happy Meal® for the first time. The restaurant chain had been looking for bio-based material for over two years in order to ensure the high quality and durability requirements during production.

The 14 animal figures are produced entirely by McDonald's and its experienced partners and expand the well-known Wiltopia play world. This range already consists of 80 percent recycled fridges and shares knowledge about animals and the ecosystem. "Playmobil stands for a sustainable play experience. We are pursuing various approaches to continuously increase the proportion of non- primarily fossil-based plastics in the entire range. We are increasingly using plant-based materials," explains Playmobil CEO, Bahri Kurter. The company's long-term goal is to make all business models circular in order to establish a material cycle that is as closed as possible.

For Playmobil, the collaboration with McDonald's is a milestone in the strategy heading into the future. "In Germany in particular, Playmobil is a brand that is associated with quality and great educational play value. This fits in perfectly with the high standards we set for on our Happy Meal toys. We are also proud of the sugar cane-based raw material that we are using for the first time, as it is another important step on the way to a better McDonald's," says Tomasz Debowski, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at McDonald's Germany.

Animal figures available in 70 countries

The exclusive animal figures will be available in 70 countries worldwide. As part of a development phase of two years, the sugar cane-based plastic was subjected to extensive tests in order to meet not only legal conditions and material requirements, but above all high internal quality standards.

The figures were designed in close cooperation with Playmobil to ensure compatibility with the regular play system. Animal figures produced by McDonald's are available in over 70 countries worldwide from April to November and will generate enthusiasm among children and Playmobil collectors.

Ambitious sustainability goals at Playmobil

The Horst Brandstätter Group, which includes the Playmobil brand, has set itself ambitious sustainability targets. The Group wants to achieve climate neutrality by 2027 and is working on many projects and initiatives to be part of closed material cycles. At the start of 2024, for example, the production of all items in the toddler portfolio was switched from traditional, fossil-based to plant-based materials. The playsets under the new Playmobil Junior brand are made from plastics whose raw materials are at least 90% plant-based. The entire Junior product range will be converted by the middle of the year.

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