Horst Brandstätter Group - Compliance


It is of great importance to the Horst Brandstätter Group to comply with laws and ethical standards

In order to prevent or identify misconduct or to be able to react appropriately to such, it offers employees and external parties a protected whistleblower system through which unlawful conduct can be reported.

The reporting portal is not part of the HBG website. It is provided by an independent service provider exclusively for this purpose and in compliance with data protection laws and applies to all affiliated companies of HBG. The submission of a report or question is anonymous unless disclosure of identity is expressly affirmed. Please use the whistleblower system responsibly and only provide hints and information that you are confident is accurate. Misuse may result in sanctions or criminal prosecution. For details on the whistleblower portal, please refer to the whistleblower information and the privacy policy of the whistleblower portal.


To guarantee the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and those affected, we have set up an independent trust center, the atarax group of companies. Trust is their business, here you are in good hands.

To ensure complete confidentiality, the following communication channels are available:


via telephone

Whistleblower telephone hotline
(Monday - Friday from 08.30 am – 05.00 pm CET, except public holidays)

0049 / 160 / 96210839

by E-Mail:

by E-Mail:

via whistleblower portal

via whistleblower portal with contact form:
Here you will be forwarded to the whistleblower portal.
Of course, this forwarding will not be traced.

record message

written notification by mail to

atarax Group of Companies,
Luitpold-Maier-Str. 7,
D-91074 Herzogenaurach

Personal meeting

At the whistleblower's request, it is also possible to contact us through these channels and make a report by a confidential face-to-face meeting. Please allow a resonable period of time.